Why you shouldn’t give references on job applications

Far too often do employers want references, and far too often is the fate of your hiring status terminated because one doesn’t have any references, or has no social contacts.
Unfortunately, some people don’t have references, and some do not want to give any for a job.
Point is if you’re proving you’re the one capable for the job yourself to the interviewer, why should you have to give contact information of someone to them for them to “verify” your qualities from another person’s perspective, opinion, or hearsay? The worst thing is that this rejects the massive majority of those with social phobia and the related conditions. Don’t people with social anxiety need money, food, and deserve chances? Apparently not, based on the pathetic system.

She didn't have references


It’s a bogus system; you need social contacts to win, and who you know gets you in mostly, not what you know. Jobs clearly state that they prefer you to have skills, but having references, knowing the right people, and being in the right time makes all the difference between a good employee and a working employee. Nowadays, in the social media world it’s even more pathetic. You can be barred from a job based on your Facebook status, fired because someone Tweeted a photo of you at a night club, in your underwear in bed, or eating a suggestive looking food, even without intention of it looking “bad”. The employee-employer model has been failing ever since the 1970s, and keeps getting worse. People who can barely read, have terrible grammar, don’t know a thing about computers besides Firefox and Google, and who have poor work ethic are the majority of people you see working in fast food restaurants with stable salaries. Then, of course, you never see that good employee with nice grammar, good work ethics, hard working drive, and great potential working because he/she wasn’t qualified for whatever reason, didn’t do it at the right time, or didn’t have references. Is it logical to eliminate a smart, hard working, great person with ethics, but without references in a job, but hire a high school punk who has no prospects at all? Does it not make you wonder why this often happens? You’re smart, you have the skills and then some, you show up in time, you work harder than most employees you see, but you’re just not falling in with the crowd. You are told that you will be “called” while the punks were hired the same or following day.

Typical-ish workers

The problem is the corruption in the hiring process. Employers are supposed to hire based on skills and likeness, not just on likeness, that is not hire someone they like, but who has no skills, and not hire someone they don’t like who has excellent skills. So, you don’t have a job because you don’t fill their quota, but that illiterate kid is making a stable income as we speak. What can we do about this? First of all we must boycott, of course.

If nobody will work for fast food restaurants, employers will have to compromise somehow or their businesses, franchises, and the whole corportations of these companies will downgrade instantly. If 100,000 people boycotted McDonalds right now watch how big problems will get within the coming weeks.
They will BEG you back, and that’s when you deny them, start a business, and hire people the RIGHT way.

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