Lilah Richcreek, rising actress keeps booking roles!

Lilah Richcreek is a new actress who has already booked several national roles. You can see Lilah Richcreek highlights in her ABC pilot Work Mom, which is unfortunately not being premiered:

She was also a guest, credited role on CBS’s Criminal Minds series, and she will be making an appearance in Two and a Half Men, another CBS series which will air September 26th, 2013.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that she’ll now be a series regular in a new show:

She was also in Two Broke Girls, and has several other roles under her belt. She has a decent portfolio, and I expect to see her doing nothing but improving her acting career from on onward.

Remember to check her out! 🙂

You can see all of her acting reels, demo reels, and other footage on her YouTube channel:

Alternatively, you can also see her complete roles here on her IMDb:

6 thoughts on “Lilah Richcreek, rising actress keeps booking roles!

  1. I had just saw her on #twoandahalfmen and I think she’s cool! Gonna check out more of her stuff… would love to see her in a bigger role!

  2. She’s awesome! I saw her on Two Broke Girls, and I looked up the episode to find that she’s been in several other shows! I live in L.A. and aspire to be an actress, too, like her! 🙂

  3. she lives in L.A.? It says so on her Twitter, but I was just wondering

  4. lol I actually saw her on Hunt for the Labyrinth killer and din’t realize it was her as the goth girl

  5. cool I’ll definately check out work mom 🙂

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