Does Christina Grimmie hate gays because of her religious beliefs?

Christina Grimmie is quite the upcoming, popular artist(who is not gay by the way). She has been involved with Selena Gomez, Disney, MTV, has over a million YouTube subscribers and views, etc. But is it worth pointing out that her very beliefs encourage the hatred of gays, or that she is contradicting herself for her very own outward projecting, self-opinionated sense of self? Let’s break it down and see… First of all, let’s quote this here from the Bible:

1 Corinthians 6:9-10 New International Version (NIV) 9 Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men[a] 10 nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.

In layman’s terms, that means this, to be blunt: If you are gay you will not inherit the kingdom of God, AKA you will not go to heaven. According to this girl she claims that Christina Grimmie says she’s a “nondenominational Christian”, and that her favorite book is the Bible, the very book that quotes the aforementioned statement above: PROOF2 Source URL for image validity: That pretty much sums up the most obvious questioning title of this post, but let’s keep the ball rolling while we’re at it. On her Wikifeet, a user quoted a response Christina apparently gave in to his questioning or request if she would post pictures of her feet. Here is the image for proof: PROOFF1 And here is the URL for proof of the page: (You will need to scroll down to see Weese’s post and quote) Weese says, quote,

This is a complete WIN! She has been opposed to ever showing feet in a video, or on twitter. When I asked her on twitter several several months back, if she would show her feet, she said “Sorry dude, but no. Why would I post a picture of my bare feet so guys can marvel over them in a weird fashion? >_____>” But now we get to see your big beautiful feet.

, and quote. According to Weese’s post Christina Grimmie automatically assumed the request to see her feet would be

“so guys can marvel over them in a weird fashion?”

Did Christina purportedly assume that only guys would marvel over them because she expects only males to be attracted to her, as a female, and as being heterosexual? Is Christina saying that foot fetishes are “weird”, possibly shaming or disgracing people who are naturally born attracted to feet, such as by, perhaps, calling foot fetishists abnormal? Or did she assume males because she deep down, first assumed a male would normally be attracted to her feet because she believes males should be attracted to females, and vice-versa, opposing homosexuality? She never considered that another girl, foot fetish or not, would marvel “in a weird fashion” over them. Could this just be coincidence, ignorance, inconsideration, or secretive anti-gay thoughts she’s covering up? I can already see this post is not the first to raise concern over her possible anti-gay feelings: Christina Grimmie’s beliefs may seem subtle and unimportant, but when we analyze the depths behind that religion we come to a further possible conclusion that Christina Grimmie is contradicting her own beliefs, whether or not she hates homosexuals, by reading and believing the Bible, which is against homosexuality.


11 thoughts on “Does Christina Grimmie hate gays because of her religious beliefs?

  1. I honestly think it is her choice to believe she’s a Christian, and also support gays. I mean, yeah, in the Bible it says gay is wrong, but isn’t freedom of choice and decision what allows us to think open and differently, challenging the old while still maintaining the morals, while introducing the advanced new?

  2. This has to be the dumbest post I’ve ever seen, you think she’s anti-gay just because she said “guys” instead of guys AND girls? Seriously, way to assume she’s somehow homophobic just because she’s Christian. There are so many ways to interpret the Bible, so if she is for gay rights it doesn’t mean she’s contradicting her beliefs. She could easily believe that Jesus wanted her to love everyone or something along those lines.

    • I completely agree Brittany! The Bible does NOT teach us to hate gays. It teaches us to love everyone regardless of their lifestyles. Jesus loves US and we are sinful people. We are supposed to follow His example by being loving and compassionate toward everyone. That verse does not mean that gays won’t go to Heaven. Gays who have accepted Jesus as their personal Savior WILL go to Heaven. Also, about the “guys” thing… I call all of my girl friends “guys”. Like “Hey guys, how’s it going?” Does that mean I’m a lesbian? That makes no sense, just like your logic.

    • Gay is wrong but that doesn’t mean you hate the person.

      • The bible says that gays are bad and people should hate them … I mean if you’re gonna be a Bible pushing moron who believe in the BS, at least don’t contradict yourselves by arguing that gay is right … that’s not what the Bible says. If there are “so many ways to interpret the Bible” then the Bible is obviously confusing and nonsense engulfed.

  3. You are seriously overthinking. Just because she express her love for Jesus and assumes men would NORMALLY drool over women legs, makes her homophobic and anti-gay. How ridiculous can you get?

  4. What’s laughable is the stupidity in these comments … you can’t believe in the Bible but then turn around and say “I love gays and blah, blah” without being a hypocrite. It’s like believing in Jesus moving mountains and taking a physics course to reliaze that … well … it’s bullshit and impossible. You can’t have fairy tales and tested evidence cooincidence without laughter … that, my friend, is laughable. Also, it’s the assumption of the matter here, not the majority. If 100 people ask you for sex and they’re male that doesn’t mean it’s politically correc to say “only men will ask me sex”, at the same time striving for gay rights … smh. Bloggers are the stupidest brred of humankind, so envelope in it in bliss.

  5. thank you for share!

  6. You are just overthinking everything this blog is completely pointless. Just because she is christian that doesn’t mean that she is homophobic she hasn’t shown any hatred towards gay people and at the end everyone has the right to believe on what they choose to believe in.

  7. Haven’t you guys kept in mind that god is our creator. So that means that gay people we’re created for a reason. I personally support gay rights and I believe that everybody deserves to be happy despite our differences at the end we’re all the same. Happiness isn’t something that should be taken away from anybody.

  8. thanks for share!

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