YouTube removes video responses from site … why???!!!!

YouTube has removed the video response feature it once had on its site for many a great years.


But I have some concerns … the click-through rate is only four out of every million, and I can give reasons for that:

    • 1.The thumbnails in the video response boxes were too small, and didn’t stand out enough.

      2.There was not enough promotion in regards to the video response feature.

      3.The video response feature didn’t have monetization features along with it.

  • Basically, YouTube removed the featured because Google can’t bank the bucks off of it, and it’s really easy to get rid of something that could have once been than to waste time improving it for the good of all. YouTube’s cheap way out instead of making adjustments doesn’t baffle me at all.

    Now the small YouTube users can’t get their publication alongside the big YouTuber’s videos, and you can pretty much say good bye to that opportunity now.

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