Terio, “Oh Kill Em” Vine star, is NOT a star…..

Terio is a six year old boy who was apparently gone viral for his “Oh Kill Em” Vine video short.

Source: http://www.theroot.com/blogs/grapevine/terios-vine-takeover‎

I question the purpose and reasoning behind this though, especially after reading this:


It turns out that the kid is likely just being used as fame-bait to make money off of, or be pushed around to attract viral internet attention. I mean the kid’s six years old, right?

He made top list on Vine, and after hearing the “song” I have decided that this is just some overhyped, overexposed internet nonsense (as if there isn’t enough), and viral exposure of a kid, an attempt to make money off of morons, and an attempt to profit from a child(did I not mention that?).

Some may question whether or not this is appropriate on the part of a six year old, to go viral, make “star” status on the internet, and potential money?


Vine sure is getting its exposure as well from this, but I guess it’s all still up for debate by the liberals, conservatives, and Obama of course.

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