God VS Science: Too much God, not enough science!

There is quite the debate over some matters of science, with regards to the crossover of religious aspects, and especially God. Now first of all I’d like to point out that while I’m not against the idea of religion entirely, I have my own share of views. This is not going to just simply be a rambling about bashing of religion, praising of atheism, etc. A very smart man named Albert Einstein has his own crossover between religious and scientific aspects, so the two can definitely co-exist. What I am going to, um, “ramble” on about is the effects of too much religion that distort the views, application, and implementation of science.

First I would like to note that religion very well can hold science back, especially by objecting the principles of scientific matters that do not necessarily apply to the Bible. Tips? First, yes, science and religion can go together to some degree, but I highly doubt they will ever live completely together.

So that’s my super short take on it … if there’s too much Bible with no appreciation or undertaking of science and all of its fields, you may find yourself at a standstill.

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