Are boys’ clothes really made more comfortable than girls’?

I got thinking earlier today, listening to several female humans complain about how their clothes were problematic, about the somewhat seeming epidemic between male and female clothing, marketing, and styles, and, in this case, comfort. I gave this a Google to see what my web crawler little program(s) come up with, and pulled this right away, and realized I am not the only one concerned about this genuinely:

But it doesn’t stop there … somebody created a Facebook community page regarding this very topic of clothing comfort marketed to genders as well:

I only can stop and ask why this is … but that would be initially tough to answer on the spot. It appears that the marketing agencies, and people behind the clothing lines seem to favor relaxed fit, comfort, and “laid-back” type of clothing to males, while females are marketeted “sexy”, “slim”, “chic”, “stylish”, and other such marketing terms more. However, it is apparent that comfort is not a priority in the clothing aspects and marketing to females, at least not to the same degree as males. This general idea proposes that the marketing of clothes to males is genuinely more concerned with feeling better inside them, and for females it’s seemingly more about looking curvy, skinny, and shapely. But I guess girls don’t need to be comfortable then, right? After all they are female, and we all know females enjoy uncomfortable clothes, menstrual cramps and period symptoms, and feeling bad. At least that’s what Midol hopes for anyways.

But I was generally concerned with this, so I decided to go the extra mile, and conduct a blind, anonymous poll. It turns out that many agreed that boys’ clothes are more comfortable, and fewer agreed vice-versa.

But to assure we get your voting, voice, and opinion on this, please sign the following petition if you wish to support this growing epidemic:

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