Justin Bieber arrested in Miami for DUI, drag racing, etc.

Justin Drew Bieber was arrested in Miami Beach (that’s sort of “Miami”) for resisting arrest non-violently, having drunk alcohol (being underage), and having a suspended driver’s license. Justin Bieber also reports having taken marijuana and other drugs. He was in court in Miami soon after his arrest, as can be seen in this video:

I don’t understand Justin Bieber … in his position he’s blowing tens of thousands of dollars, renting Lamborghinis, etc. He should be more mature, and less douche. He appeared nervous in the courtroom, and he’s reportedly left (possibly) with his father from the courthouse in a Cadillac Escalade.

Here is a photo of him on his way to being booked:


First it was assault rumors of him beating up a little girl, then he attacked a camera woman, then he reportedly assaulted a bodyguard. Later, it was egging his neighbor’s house, police raiding him and TMZ claiming there was drugs in his mansion. Next, blowing tons of money in a Miami stripclub, and getting arrested for DUI, suspended license, intoxication/under the influence, and racing.

What’s next for the Biebs?



Geeky new actress, Laura Spencer, taking the spotlight

Laura Spencer (not to be confused with Laura Spencer, the fictional character on General Hospital, or Lara Spencer, the news anchor) is that girl you might have seen in the Skittles commercial where she kisses the boy with Skittles teeth and eats them(AKA the “Skittles Smile” video):

Laura Spencer is known for her previous role in The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, and you also might remember her from her Sprint commercial with the zombie. Yeah, that one’s kinda cool as well:

Also, you might have caught her on Switched At Birth on ABC Family:

Anyhoo, she has some post-production films rolling in, and she’s been pretty active in the performing arts world enough to make national appearances, and some reports as well. Good to see that there’s still hope for the “little people” of the business.