Are some U.S. military veterans sick & twisted?

It is an honor of mine to chat and hear what those in combat have to say about their roles, their perspective on being a military worker, and their experiences and feelings about being a soldier. I had the liberty to have a personal discussion, albeit publicly searchable, with a veteran. Assuring the truth of their words become public for all to see, I am showing this post a veteran wrote to me on his status of being in battle:

What some veterans apparently think

What some veterans apparently think

This somewhat creepy message was directed to me via YouTube by a person, apparently a veteran, who claims to love shooting and blowing up houses, and gets a rush out of firing at targets (Possibly like we do in GTA V? Anyone?). Anyways, I found this response to be in need of publication so as to show people that the military isn’t exactly what it seems like. Some of these people take war on for reasons of personal violence and destruction, more so than for heroism, protection, etc. The poster even admitted that the backing is mostly money, and they enjoyed the business of war. Call me an anti-patriot all you want, but in my personal opinion it is wrong for one to be deployed in war and honored for going all out and killing people mercilessly in a vendetta of boiling, violent, sickly rage to kill and destroy things. You are supposed to serve and protect, as they say, not to become a war puppet of mass destruction. Maybe we should all, after all, rethink traditions, the military, Memorial Day, and many other things about our countries, governments, and societies alike.

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