Is Bethany Mota a smoker and a liar?

Bethany Mota is a famous young girl who has some secrets apparently. Bethany Mota, a YouTube fashionista who grew popular from hauling videos, clearly isn’t seen or heard of to be a smoker … that’s the thing. Do any of Bethany Mota’s fans know that she does/did smoke? Does Bethany Mota smoke? What about her real age? Some research shows something is certainly off about her information, especially in these pictures:



Clearly this isn’t what people would imagine from such a squeaky clean image she has, that she’d be inhaling in tobacco products or worse and act as if she’s pure and beautiful.


Also, according to the young star’s OkCupid profile she’s 19 … she must’ve got her birthday wrong? Her Wikipedia states that she should still be 18, as far in as to June of 2014:

Why would her Wikipedia say she’s 18 and take her date from a reliable source, but her own profile on OkCupid that she made herself states she’s 19? Is her birthday really wrong and who got it wrong?

There’s also that other … er … thing about her saying she’s a smoker. Well, she wrote that she’s trying to quit, but that means she smokes regardless. It comes as a surprise because she never mentions it in her videos … or the fact that she likes Super Smash Bros. either:


So either everyone knows Bethany Mota smokes, puffs the magic dragon of formaldehyde and doesn’t talk about it, and her birthday is wrong … or something is wrong with her information and people don’t know these things about her. Perhaps she’s hiding the fact that she smokes from her fans to not be a bad influence? Maybe she’s really a little older and gave false info saying she’s younger? Who knows.

But it looks with like Bethany Mota’s smoker/smoking habits … she may need some “Mota-vation” herself.


3 thoughts on “Is Bethany Mota a smoker and a liar?

  1. Lots of people have made fake accounts for Bethany Mota on claiming they’re her. So someone probably made this fake account of her as well. And yes, on her YouTube channel she has talked about super smash bros–but that is a really sorry excuse for a lie or a secret–the world obviously doesn’t know every single detail about her.

  2. I used to Babysit Bethany. She IS the age she claims to be, and NO she doesn’t smoke. That is a FAKE page that was setup about her years ago, by the people who bullied her viciously in school

  3. That is a fake account, set up by people who bullied her viciously in high school. She is the age she claims to be, and NO she doesm’t smoke.

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