Why are people so crazed over guns, gun ownership, and gun control laws?

Another thing that’s noticeable in places, specifically the U.S., is how crazed people are over “gun rights”, “gun control laws”, etc. I personally don’t get it … why do so many people want to own guns for? Just because you have a right to? Well, I would like to own a shark in my house … but I can’t, can I? I would like to live in a 100-story home … but I can’t due to grounding laws. The problem isn’t so much on the grounds of who should own guns, but why so many people feel they must express their freedom by owning deadly firearms. Since when and how does owning a gun make you or anyone a person exercising their free rights? People don’t need guns for self-protection, and whether or not people will use them for good or bad doesn’t explain what the fuss is over having them in the first place. Why not other weapons, like cannons, grenade and missile launchers? Is that a weak argument, you feel?


I guess having a gun does make it easier … to defend your life by having the power to easily take another’s life away. Of course you could always defend your life without a firearm, but I guess that’s beyond some.

It’s just as strong as anyone arguing that they “need a gun in their possession to be free, because a piece of paper says I have that right.” The same piece of paper that says you have “freedom”, but punishes nearly anyone for saying the wrong thing, looking suspicious, etc.? And people are worried strictly because there’s gun control? There’s plenty more things people should be worrying about than having a right to own a damn firearm because of “freedom.” How about freedom that gives people their rights back, and their ability to ACTUALLY have real freedom? Limited freedom is not real freedom yet the concern people have is over the fact that they aren’t let to own deadly firearms … yep. I guess we know that “the people” certainly complain over important things.

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