Why are people so crazed over guns, gun ownership, and gun control laws?

Another thing that’s noticeable in places, specifically the U.S., is how crazed people are over “gun rights”, “gun control laws”, etc. I personally don’t get it … why do so many people want to own guns for? Just because you have a right to? Well, I would like to own a shark in my house … but I can’t, can I? I would like to live in a 100-story home … but I can’t due to grounding laws. The problem isn’t so much on the grounds of who should own guns, but why so many people feel they must express their freedom by owning deadly firearms. Since when and how does owning a gun make you or anyone a person exercising their free rights? People don’t need guns for self-protection, and whether or not people will use them for good or bad doesn’t explain what the fuss is over having them in the first place. Why not other weapons, like cannons, grenade and missile launchers? Is that a weak argument, you feel?


I guess having a gun does make it easier … to defend your life by having the power to easily take another’s life away. Of course you could always defend your life without a firearm, but I guess that’s beyond some.

It’s just as strong as anyone arguing that they “need a gun in their possession to be free, because a piece of paper says I have that right.” The same piece of paper that says you have “freedom”, but punishes nearly anyone for saying the wrong thing, looking suspicious, etc.? And people are worried strictly because there’s gun control? There’s plenty more things people should be worrying about than having a right to own a damn firearm because of “freedom.” How about freedom that gives people their rights back, and their ability to ACTUALLY have real freedom? Limited freedom is not real freedom yet the concern people have is over the fact that they aren’t let to own deadly firearms … yep. I guess we know that “the people” certainly complain over important things.


Is Bethany Mota a smoker and a liar?

Bethany Mota is a famous young girl who has some secrets apparently. Bethany Mota, a YouTube fashionista who grew popular from hauling videos, clearly isn’t seen or heard of to be a smoker … that’s the thing. Do any of Bethany Mota’s fans know that she does/did smoke? Does Bethany Mota smoke? What about her real age? Some research shows something is certainly off about her information, especially in these pictures:



Clearly this isn’t what people would imagine from such a squeaky clean image she has, that she’d be inhaling in tobacco products or worse and act as if she’s pure and beautiful.


Also, according to the young star’s OkCupid profile she’s 19 … she must’ve got her birthday wrong? Her Wikipedia states that she should still be 18, as far in as to June of 2014:


Why would her Wikipedia say she’s 18 and take her date from a reliable source, but her own profile on OkCupid that she made herself states she’s 19? Is her birthday really wrong and who got it wrong?

There’s also that other … er … thing about her saying she’s a smoker. Well, she wrote that she’s trying to quit, but that means she smokes regardless. It comes as a surprise because she never mentions it in her videos … or the fact that she likes Super Smash Bros. either:


So either everyone knows Bethany Mota smokes, puffs the magic dragon of formaldehyde and doesn’t talk about it, and her birthday is wrong … or something is wrong with her information and people don’t know these things about her. Perhaps she’s hiding the fact that she smokes from her fans to not be a bad influence? Maybe she’s really a little older and gave false info saying she’s younger? Who knows.

But it looks with like Bethany Mota’s smoker/smoking habits … she may need some “Mota-vation” herself.

Are some U.S. military veterans sick & twisted?

It is an honor of mine to chat and hear what those in combat have to say about their roles, their perspective on being a military worker, and their experiences and feelings about being a soldier. I had the liberty to have a personal discussion, albeit publicly searchable, with a veteran. Assuring the truth of their words become public for all to see, I am showing this post a veteran wrote to me on his status of being in battle:

What some veterans apparently think

What some veterans apparently think

This somewhat creepy message was directed to me via YouTube by a person, apparently a veteran, who claims to love shooting and blowing up houses, and gets a rush out of firing at targets (Possibly like we do in GTA V? Anyone?). Anyways, I found this response to be in need of publication so as to show people that the military isn’t exactly what it seems like. Some of these people take war on for reasons of personal violence and destruction, more so than for heroism, protection, etc. The poster even admitted that the backing is mostly money, and they enjoyed the business of war. Call me an anti-patriot all you want, but in my personal opinion it is wrong for one to be deployed in war and honored for going all out and killing people mercilessly in a vendetta of boiling, violent, sickly rage to kill and destroy things. You are supposed to serve and protect, as they say, not to become a war puppet of mass destruction. Maybe we should all, after all, rethink traditions, the military, Memorial Day, and many other things about our countries, governments, and societies alike.

What good does Obamacare do for anyone?

Obamacare or the “Affordable Care Act” is a new “Act” that the U.S. has employed once again, but what is it really accomplishing? Are you saving money? Is it a better system than what was before? How so? Is covering people because of previous disabilities really beneficial to a health care system? Why can’t a revamped free market solve the crises of the health care and insurance conundrum?

I was thinking about that country I used to live in – The United States of America. I left before the Affordable Care Act became underway, but it got me thinking about whether or not it is really purposeful.
I mean, no offense to the U.S. as a whole, but how is worrying about health insurance solving all of the problems in the U.S.? It’s not like health insurance is even the smidge of the issue in the “freedom land”. Then again, let’s talk about “freedom” some more. Freedom with obvious limitations, that is…

Aside from requiring you to pay for health insurance by law or to be penalized, is this system exploiting your freedom and rights? First of all, if you’re required to have health insurance for your own body and will be penalized without, it’s as equivalent as saying, “You will be charged money if you don’t insure yourself”. But with freedom and rights, shouldn’t I or anyone have the ultimate decision on whether or not I choose to insure MYSELF and WHEN? The only thing I can agree with is health insurance mandates for little kids (13 and under, perhaps), but that’s about it. Forcing people to pay more money to get insurance, and charging them money without it? This is the start of the shackles breaking … get ready for anarchism. And get ready for Hillary 2016, when we’ll all be penalized for not having breathing insurance.

Get ready.

Get ready!

Justin Bieber arrested in Miami for DUI, drag racing, etc.

Justin Drew Bieber was arrested in Miami Beach (that’s sort of “Miami”) for resisting arrest non-violently, having drunk alcohol (being underage), and having a suspended driver’s license. Justin Bieber also reports having taken marijuana and other drugs. He was in court in Miami soon after his arrest, as can be seen in this video:

I don’t understand Justin Bieber … in his position he’s blowing tens of thousands of dollars, renting Lamborghinis, etc. He should be more mature, and less douche. He appeared nervous in the courtroom, and he’s reportedly left (possibly) with his father from the courthouse in a Cadillac Escalade.

Here is a photo of him on his way to being booked:


First it was assault rumors of him beating up a little girl, then he attacked a camera woman, then he reportedly assaulted a bodyguard. Later, it was egging his neighbor’s house, police raiding him and TMZ claiming there was drugs in his mansion. Next, blowing tons of money in a Miami stripclub, and getting arrested for DUI, suspended license, intoxication/under the influence, and racing.

What’s next for the Biebs?


Geeky new actress, Laura Spencer, taking the spotlight

Laura Spencer (not to be confused with Laura Spencer, the fictional character on General Hospital, or Lara Spencer, the news anchor) is that girl you might have seen in the Skittles commercial where she kisses the boy with Skittles teeth and eats them(AKA the “Skittles Smile” video):

Laura Spencer is known for her previous role in The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, and you also might remember her from her Sprint commercial with the zombie. Yeah, that one’s kinda cool as well:

Also, you might have caught her on Switched At Birth on ABC Family:

Anyhoo, she has some post-production films rolling in, and she’s been pretty active in the performing arts world enough to make national appearances, and some reports as well. Good to see that there’s still hope for the “little people” of the business.



The American Dream: various debts, economic materialism, and powerful ignorance.

The American Dream is not what most conventional definitions would tell you … it’s not just about freedom, immigration, independence, etc. The modern American dream is all about gaining high-profile celebrity-like fame, technological abundance of social-networking image hysteria, unending desire to do anything possible to achieve money/fame (even killing another animal). Yes, that’s very much right. According to one study, 1 in 14 people would murder someone for $3,000,000.00 U.S.D. You decide if we’re going in the right direction or not, but you might want to check these statistics out:

1.People were asked what they would do with a massive amount of money. 56% say they’d use it to reduce stress(e.g. blow it, in other words). Yet 42% claim they’d stay at their same jobs, despite having a fortune and a boatload of potential ahead of them. Talk about pure stupidity in some American people.

2.27% of people, if they scored $10,000,000.00 U.S.D., wouldn’t give a dime to charity. And for $10,000,000.00 U.S.D., a quarter of people said they would abandon all of their friends.

Source: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/when-it-comes-to-money-are-you-normal-survey-says–74128212.html

People say that the U.S. is moving forward, but for big money, it’s shown and been proven that people would do virtually anything: killing, abandoning, harming.