Will “Jane the Virgin” bring on some more slut-shaming?

There’s a new show coming soon to The CW called “Jane the Virgin”, and it’s about – you guessed it – a girl pressured into not having sexual relations (and possibly also not doing anything sexual, like masturbating, but I can’t be certain on that) and gets pregnant by accidental insemination. Anyways, I am pretty sure that the whole premise of this show is going to work out like this: young girl in Miami that has sexual encounters but gets shamed and feels at guilt so she backs out; has frequent inappropriate thoughts about sex and her own sexual sense of self; has shameful and wrongful discussions with her mother about sex and “becoming evil by losing her virginity”; and has plenty of content that is perfectly concocted up to possibly make more young girls feel bad about their sexual feelings, leading to possible repression of masturbation and/or sexual activities, self-denial, and even self-confidence by a long-shot. Will this show do us more harm than good? I think so, but I really can’t know because I don’t possess the script nor know the intricacies/elements that will unfold and reveal in the show. My opinion? Watch it and see what it’s about, but make the word known if this show does turn out to be another way of making females feel bad, unknowledgeable, and lacking of a sexual sense of self and personal sexual needs.

Here are some links to learn more: Wikipedia, IMDb.


Justin Bieber arrested in Miami for DUI, drag racing, etc.

Justin Drew Bieber was arrested in Miami Beach (that’s sort of “Miami”) for resisting arrest non-violently, having drunk alcohol (being underage), and having a suspended driver’s license. Justin Bieber also reports having taken marijuana and other drugs. He was in court in Miami soon after his arrest, as can be seen in this video:

I don’t understand Justin Bieber … in his position he’s blowing tens of thousands of dollars, renting Lamborghinis, etc. He should be more mature, and less douche. He appeared nervous in the courtroom, and he’s reportedly left (possibly) with his father from the courthouse in a Cadillac Escalade.

Here is a photo of him on his way to being booked:


First it was assault rumors of him beating up a little girl, then he attacked a camera woman, then he reportedly assaulted a bodyguard. Later, it was egging his neighbor’s house, police raiding him and TMZ claiming there was drugs in his mansion. Next, blowing tons of money in a Miami stripclub, and getting arrested for DUI, suspended license, intoxication/under the influence, and racing.

What’s next for the Biebs?