We need new alternatives and they’ll serve us well, won’t they?

Websites like Google Plus, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, Tumblr, and many others are the “big” sites that “everybody” uses. Perhaps we need more alternatives to the mainstream. Let’s take a look at how alternatives can make everything better:

With more options people will have the freedom to make more choices. As it stands, people are (nearly) forced to use YouTube if they ever want their videos online to get much attention. If you want microblogging you are stuck pretty much with Twitter and Tumblr. While some alternatives exist, they are not stacking up to these greedy monopolies (talking about Google here, yes), despite the simplicity in designing and programming such a site, and the wide-array of innovative new features that could be added to go beyond, for example, YouTube (a new form of video responses/video replies comes as one example to mind, as well as a renovated inbox/messaging system to share videos/text with others). We need someone to break the shackles and dare to stand against the monopolies and try and give better features for users, and create better communities and experiences.