Why the “outernet” won’t do us much

The outernet is going to be a watered down, free version of the internet available to anyone. It will be Wi-Fi based, and it will most certainly suck. The reasons? It will be highly-limited to just Wikipedia and news information for the most part … with some possible media outlets for entertainment such as movies and music … but that’s about it. You won’t be getting truly free internet access … you will be getting toned down access to limited servers over a network. There should be no restraints on what someone is capable of looking for or accessing from a computer network … so the outernet will not give us true freedom. They will apparently be working with N.A.S.A. as well … let’s see where this goes.


What we can gather and likely assure from this is that:

1.the outernet will not be anything comparable to the internet;
2.you will not have full-access to anything, and will use services provided and limited;
3.you will not have freedom.

The outernet will not be the promised land of computer and network freedom.